Wednesday, November 21, 2007

She is stressed

Thanksgiving is so stressful for me. I end up in the car half of the day as Im shoved from one place to another (both of our parents are divorced so we go 4-5 places a year) Im also shoved food at all those places. (dont they know I have a bridesmaids dress I have to fit into) I wish so hard that I could just stay home all day and cook a big dinner in my pjs while watching football and drinking mimosas. I wouldnt miss the parade or the family game time and I wouldnt have to deal with the drama.

Why is there always drama on holidays? Why cant we just get with those we love and have it be drama-free? Im praying for a drama free holiday season this year (it would be a first) I wish I didnt work tonight and the rest of the weekend so I could go spend time with the out of town fam. I have cousins coming back that I really want to see.

If you have extra time this weekend... there is a new Caardvarks challenge (rub me tender, rub me sweet) going on. Its sponsored once again by the fabulous kits at the Embellishment Studio. If you love vintage lace, buttons and pretty embellments you dont want to miss out on Susan's kits!

Here is my funky card with painters tape and glitz netz. Im loving the tinkering ink blur line. Its so funky and fun.

In case I have no time tomorrow..... HAPPY THANKSGIVING! :)


Silvitanova said...

So, we don't have thanksgiving here but 'Sinterklaas" (5 dec) and Christmas. I don't realy like it, because of the small things that end up being big drama's.
I hope that Thanksgiving was good for you this year! I wish you all the best!

lauren said...

oof i can't believe i never got round here to say how much i LOVED this card from the rub-on challenge! YIKES! ...and yet...even weeks later...i *still* love this sucker! ;0