Tuesday, November 06, 2007

She lives!!

Inhale... exhale...
Yep! Im breathing :)

I know I kinda disappeared for about a month there.... but October is always crazy busy for me. Work is insane, the auction is getting finalized and there is always family drama!

Good news is I had a birthday November 1st! 29.... only one year off from the dreaded 30. (I made this layout 1 week prior to my birthday) I had Matt take me out to the Japanese hibatchi place. After 2 orange creamscicle martinis, sushi and some hibatchi filet & shrimp I no longer cared how old I was. (*shhhhhh* I think Im actually looking forward to my 30s, but dont tell anyone and dont make fun of me next year when I cry) I still havent gotten any birthday presents though

Although I did go out and buy myself these super cute shoes :) and of course some scrapbook supplies.

I am thankful for November because it means my scraptime is back! Here's a few pages I made in the last few days. I seem to be in love with Scenic Route lately


Michelle said...

Love your almost 29 layout!

Happy belated birthday! I turn 28 today (7th) :D

Love all your layouts!

Shahanna said...

Happy *belated* Birthday!
Turning 30 isn't so bad. I turned 30 earlier this year.
I LOVE your new shoes! Super cute!

aka tayabean

Melanie Gonzaga said...

awesome layouts. Glad to have you back!!

Heather said...

Great layout! I turned 34 on the 3rd. I cried a lot when I turned 30. But I can honestly say my 30's have been far better than my 20's were!

lauren said...

hooray for being back! hooray for awesome layouts! hooray for 29!!!

clearly you're wise beyond your years, having already sussed that the 30's are GREAT! actually, the 40's are pretty cool, too. in a weird sort of way, the older you get, the less you feel like you're all that old, comparatively! ...or...possibly i'm just going senile!

either way, happy, *HAPPY* birthday!!!

xo--the embroidery goddess :)