Thursday, May 31, 2007

Holy Sunburn batman!

My official best friend is Hawaiian Tropic cucumber melon aftersun lotion

We had a wonderful time on the boat on Monday, but holy crap did I get burnt. Luckily for me, its only one arm that is super painful. My husband put too much sunscreen on my that arm.... and the moment it got wet, my entire arm was white. So I wiped off the white with a towel. 1 hour later my arm is fried.

And man does it HURT. Its tingly, I cant really raise it past my shoulder or it kills. I couldnt even wear a bra on tuesday. Its EVIL evil evil.

So Ive been stuck inside the last 2 days.... bored out of my skull.
I did get 2 layouts done yesterday. Hopefully a few more today. I like to get to play between design team gigs. I guess the one postive thing about not working is getting to scrap more for me :)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Fun fun fun!

I have a busy busy weekend! Lucky for me its lots of fun stuff! Today is the first Rockin on the River. whoo hoo am I excited. Nothing like grooving to the tunes outside drinking a big beer and eating fair food. Tonight is the Led Zeplin cover band. Should be a great time. In honor of Rockin on the river... here is a drinking layout. (using March poppy ink kit)

Before that we have to rush and get the boat in the water so we can use it for Memorial Day. It needs vacuumed, cleaned and the speakers hooked up before we can go drop her in at the dock.

Tomorrow I have to volunteer for a cancer walk. Im not walking because I thought Id be working, but I will be down there handing out food and registering people all day. Hopefully the can raise some $$

After that is all done... ITS PIRATES TIME!! I so cant wait. *happy dance*

Thursday, May 24, 2007

So excited!

I am so excited! I have been asked to join the new design team at More Than Scrapbooking This cool altered/scrapbook club is under new ownership and ready to shine! They will have a cool altered project monthly along with extras stuff to scrap your heart out. I cant wait to see what Lori has in store.

This news came at the perfect time since I spent a few hours today picking thru the sooty grime at work trying to salvage equipment and other various items around the bar. I showered and scrubbed and I swear my hair STILL smells like fire. The place is a hideous mess, far worse than I imagined. It was very sad.

The insurance company finally got back to my boss. They will only be paying me $3.43 (which is my hourly) and not paying a portion of missed tips. Basically I'll get $400 a month to live on. I am going to have to think of another way to make a few hundred dollars a month. I think I am going to open an etsy shop. I have a few fun designs I figure maybe I can share and make a little extra money doing what U love.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Happy Dance

I am so so excited! Jen and I have made it to round 4 of the AR contest. There are only 3 teams remaining... and next weeks challenge will determine 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. I cant imagine what kind of challenge is next. I already had to do a mini album in 5 days. My secret fear is the altered item. I suck at altering.

This is the cover of my little mini. This book holds some of my favorite pictures of me and my little brother Matthew. I used alot of my new goods from the May Poppy Ink kit. It was brimming with Sassafras Lass. I love love love their products.

Friday, May 18, 2007

One little word

Have you heard of the new One Little Word challenge blog? Its definately one I'll be checking out. I love the concept and 2 of the girlies are my absolute faves!! (Im not saying who, but they both dig the rectangle)

Here is my layout for challenge 1 (GO). These pictures just happened to be on my desk as I was checking out the place. Immediately I started to giggle. This is my Mama at my wedding getting down and funky on the dance floor with ALL of my groomsmen. hahahaha. My mom took all the pictures.

And the groucho marx getups? Well lets just say this is totally my husbands sense of humor. He loves props like this. He actually went under my skirt to get the garter and came out wearing the glasses.

I went way funky on this one. I even got to use my pretty little poppy ink chandelier stamp. Fun fun :)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Amazing Race results...

Jen and I have now made it to round 3 of the amazing race at scrappy arts. This challenge is the hardest yet and I will admit I havent started yet. I best be braking the mod podge out tonight... if I can just decide on a theme.

This is my round #2 layout. The challenge was to do a layout in the style of Elsie Flannigan or Stacey Julian. I just had to go with Elise. I love her whimsical magical style so much. This isnt a direct lift, although I did lift bits and pieces of different Elsie layouts to get this one. I drew the scallopped frame and cut it out.

I also had a happy mail day today. I got my poppy ink kit and add on, plus a few happy mails. :)

Cards for Shane

Have you heard about Shane?

7 year old Shane is a brave young man fighting cancer. His goal is to get into the Guiness Book of world records for recieving the most birthday cards.

Here is his link: Shane's wish

His birthday is fast approching. If you have time maybe make/buy him a card to send (address) :)


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Holy Fire Batman!

Sunday night late my workplace caught fire.

It happened shortly after closing. Thank the Lord there was nobody there. The fire destroyed most of the kitchen. The rest of the gigantic place has awful smoke damage. I heard down the line that the damage is estimated at $350,000. Lucky the fire didnt reach the bar... all the liquor igniting would have been awful.

So I am currently now without a real income for the next few months. I heard there is insurance, so I will be getting an unemployment type partial check if I agree to come back after the damage is fixed.

I feel badly for my boss. Im just glad he's smart enough to have insurance and all that jazz... but he will be losing alot of $. The biggest $ day of the year is 3 weeks away. The repairs will not be done in time.

I still cant grasp the fact that I dont have to work tomorrow. I have been on the phone ALL day talking with disbelieving co-workers. Some of these girls live day to day. Im so scared for them.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sketch anxiety

My girl Jen and I signed up for this Amazing Race contest at scrappyarts thinking it would be fun to have a challenege on a team sport level. The very first challeneg that pops up was to make a layout using a Becky Fleck sketch.

OMG I was completely terrified. I swear I have never really used a sketch to create a layout. Im more of a fly by the seat of my pants type of girl. I just move my stuff around til I like it. It gives me joy. I dont care if Im the top designer or anything. I just like to play. Anyway... back to the sketch.

I stared at it for days. I almost didnt do it. I dont know why the panic. Im an above average scrapper. I know all sorts of techniques. Why am I afraid of a sketch? I was really being quite ridiculous. I guess I was trying to convert to 2 8.5x11s... and at that time I didnt know it didnt have to be exact.

So I did it. (and taped it together hence the bad picture) I dont know why I was worried... it was fun to do. I figure even if it sucks and I dont move on, I can still have the satisfaction of finishing this. And I love those little EMU babies. So so cute. That was a great day too so the layout now makes me smile.