Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My Monday Night...

Its almost 5am and I just got home!

At 9:30 pm my mom and I were cropping away when our phones started ringing. Mindy's water broke (my SIL). At that point we dropped our scissors and said goodbye to the guests and started calling the phone chains.

By 10:00 we were off to the hospital. My mom is already crazy tired and all we'd eaten for dinner was chocolate and sun chips. We manage to find our way around the hospital late at night and find my lil sis and other brother already waiting. She was still in triage so we had to wait.

After another hour we got to go in 2x2 and visit for a bit. She just wasn't dialting. At 2am they gave her the drug to give it a push. By this time Im dying with cramps and my mom is looking mighty tired. She'd been up for almost 24 hours.

At 4 my brother comes out and tells us the nurse says he'll probably come between 8-10am. At this point my mom had to go home and get a little sleep. If she didnt I was going to make her anyway. I drove the 45 minutes home to do the same.

Now Im up wired from all the caffiene I chugged earlier and so wishing I was kissing my sweet little nephew's chubby cheeks! But NO... he has to be like his daddy and take his sweet a$$ time with things. hehehe

Here's to hoping Im and Aunti when I wake up :)

Here are the 3 layouts I finished before our crop was interrupted....The 2 here at the bottom use the March kit from TallyScrapper.


Mollie said...

I love your style! Congrats on your auntie-ness!! Thats so exciting!

lauren said...

well hey--as excuses for interruptions go...THAT is a good one! i hope the little dude is well! (& his parents & grandparents & auntie!)

in the meantime, the things you GOT done are...as always...FABULOUS!