Tuesday, May 27, 2008

da da dun daaaa

dun da daaaaaaaa!

Lemme tell you a secret...... I have a wicked case of the HOTS for Indiana Jones. (well Harrison in anything... but most of all as Indy) Needless to say I was first in line to see the midnight showing last Wednesday night. It was packed. They had 2 theaters holding over 600 people each full of crazy Indy fans in hats with whips and everything. I was SO po'd that I left my camera at home. I loved the movie. It was packed with action, villainous commies and close calls. It wasnt the best movie ever, but it totally caught the spirit of the series. I really enjoyed it and it was the perfect way to kick off the summer blockbusters. I a movie fiend. I have a list that Im waiting to see including Sex & the City, The dark knight, Hellboy2, You Don't Mess with the Zohan, Get Smart and The Happening.

Im behind on blogging and forgot to show you the creations from the oh so pretty May kit from Simply Obsessed! Here they are!! I Love the Crate Paper sweet branch line (and I dont usually like soft colors)

Crud... I cant find my picture of the card I made... Oh well I'll edit it later! Hope you all have a grand Tuesday! Im off to work. (ick)


Christine said...

i agree, love the movies and every movie you listed is on my list. especially the happening. can't wait for it.

Deanna said...

I love Indy too! And love your SO LOs! They're terrific!

dougnat said...

LOVE indy!! and your layouts are FABULOUS!!!

Brandy said...

I hear he likes younger women...

Erin Gudge said...

I saw it last weekend, and I really enjoyed it! Glad you liked it too! I totally {heart} Indiana Jones!!!

"Wanted" looks really cool, too. I want to see Incredible Hulk, and the new batman, and Hellboy2 and Hancock, and a bunch of others too!

Here's a link to "Wanted"