Wednesday, May 07, 2008

All bets are off

We spent Monday at Mountaineer Casino in West Virgina. Its only about an hour and a half from us and one Matt's clubs was organizing a free bus trip! We even got food and gambling vouchers.

We started the morning by getting up early enough to go breakfast... then it was Bloody Marys on the bus. I think we were a bit tipsy by the time we got there and it wasnt even noon. We sobered up super quick when we found out they actually charge for drinks. (Ive never seen a casino charge for drinks when you are playing the tables)

It was a fun trip though... we didnt win much but we had fun playing. We played some roulette, slots, blackjack and then went over and bet on the horses. I got some great photos to scrap. It was the perfect amount of time. We never got bored and when it was time to go, we were ready. (Next time I want to go to the SPA and hang out in the whirlpool though) I saw that Blondie is going to be there in June and I really would LOVE to see her! Tickets arent bad... its gas I worry about. Ick.

Its also time for a NEW Caardvarks challenge! This one is HOT HOT HOT! Here is my flaming hot card for the challenge, but hand's OFF... It belongs to the Lovely HO as part of our Tallyscrapper card swap. Winner will receive a prize package from our sister site Itty Bitty Scrap Shack! Show us how HOT you can be.

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vannasmom said...

I like the card!!
Your cards are always good ya know!!