Friday, May 02, 2008

Scrappy happiness

Im trying scrap therapy to make me stop obsessing about money. It seems to be working for far. I think it helps that I know in my gut things will be okay in a few weeks. Im such a worrier that Im surprised I am this calm. I know that its temporary.

There is a new Category Stories challenge up and it is a FUN one. (and you can win a SIStv giftcard) I actually used a page from Japanese Vogue that came in a kit (I think from Story of my Life) for this layout. I believe it was an ad for Louis Vuitton. I just loved the wicked vibes of the black and white and since there are no photos here, there was no need to worry about acidity (if you follow that rule.... I dont always)

Its going to be a fun weekend for crops! I get to play at both TallyScrapper and Simply Obsessed. If you are around and want to win some cool shiznit stop by either site. I promise you a good time. Tonight is my early night at work (I *should* be home by 10) and I plan on chatting and scrapping. (I already have my bottle of wine in the fridge chillin) I cant wait to check out the challenges.


whetzel momma said...

AWESOME page!!

Roni said...

great new lo!

i'm so sorry to hear about the debt thing! hope that m***tha will be caught! :)

Brandy said...

thanks for admitting you don't always care about acid free, sometimes i don't either and that's like scrap blasphemy