Monday, February 01, 2010

Introducing Aubrey Elaine

My life has been chaotic the last few months. We moved into the house mid-renovations when I was 37 weeks pregnant.We had no kitchen, no living room and basically lived upstairs. The first day Matt took a shower the ceiling fell into the unfinished living room below. There were boxes everywhere. Then we discovered a mold problem right before Aubrey was born. We (and I mean my husband) decided to give up the house

Then Miss Aubrey came into the world October 12, 2009. The day after her due date. She was 7lbs 5oz and almost 21" long.

I woke up bleeding that morning at 7am. I freaked out and called the Dr who send me to the hospital. I had my first contraction at about 8:30am in the elevator. The nurse was pushing me upstairs to the maternity ward. I got my epidural at 9:45am because I was already 5cm. After awhile I couldnt feel the contractions. I actually took a nap off an on between 1pm and 3pm. My mom was jealous :p

At 3:30 they turned down the epidural because it was so strong I couldnt feel a thing and couldnt push. Finally my water broke. I started pushing around 4:30ish. I cant remember the exact time. I wasnt really looking at the clock at that point as I was starting to feel the contractions. Aubrey arrived shortly before 6pm. She was the most beautiful thing Id ever seen... even with her big coney head! She has big blue eyes and a full head of red hair!

We came home a few days later. I had a small tear (only 1st degree) but still could barely sit down. I was sore and sleep deprived and still living in the upstairs of the house. What made matters worse I couldnt go cook anything and my big freezer stash of meals couldnt be cooked because we didnt have a working kitchen.

A week later I was still having problems sitting and walking. The pain was awful and I was so swollen. This was my first baby so I wasnt sure how much I should have healed at that point. I started passing massive clots.I called the nurse and she told me to stay home unless it got worse (swine flu was all over the ER) About 2 hours later I passed a huge piece of tissue (i know gross!) I called my mom to come stay with Aubrey and went to the ER. I cried leaving. I wore a mask the entire time I was there. They checked me out and sent me home.

The next day I was MUCH less sore. As the days progressed I felt great. That tissue had been sitting on my stitches and causing all the problems. I had no idea it wasnt normal because it was my first baby. Im just glad it was by my stitches and not still in my ute

Then we moved AGAIN right before Aubrey turned 3 weeks old. We couldnt let the baby stay in a house with mold. Thankfully there wasnt any upstairs so she was safe for the small time she spent there.

So here I was with a new baby... and a big move... having to pack up what I had unpacked and then unpack the entire house. I'll admit now after almost 3 months I still have boxes in my garage. I do have most things unpacked and even got to scrap a little a few weeks ago. The scrap stuff had been packed for almost 5 months. It was torture. Im not done unpacking it, but at least I have enough done I can work.

I'll share those layouts with you in a few days. The scans are on my other computer. I'll also post a few pics of my sweet little girl! She is 16 weeks old today and gorgeous!! :)


Michelle said...

First of all, congratulations on little Aubrey. She has so much hair. How adorable. I'm glad that the both of you are doing well. I'm sorry that you had to move so much during this time but you did end up with a wonderful gift. Hugs to you and Baby Aubrey.

stinker said...

big congrats on that beautiful babe! omg such hair! almost makes me want another :)

sorry to hear about your housing issues, ugh. and i'm sure glad everything turned out ok with the birth and "fun" stuff afterwards.

can't wait to see more pics and some LOs from you!

Tyggereye said...

Yeah!! congrats! She's gorgeous. :) I'm glad you are all settled now. That sounds like so much stress right at the end of your pregnancy and beginning of your new motherhood. I'm glad its all good now and hope you are enjoying all your freezer cooked meals now! can't wait to see some layouts. Missed you!

Little Bean Embroidery said...

congrats!! i love hearing birth stories :) sounds like youve had a busy 4 months!! and her hair is too sweet :)

hanna said...

Beautiful picture, Sarah! Congratulations again on Miss Aubrey! I love her little hair in this pic, so cute!

Susan said...

I LOVE this picture of the two of you.

latte_grande said...

Omg, she is so stinkin precious! I can't believe you had to go through all that with the house...moving is the SUCK. Can't wait to see you scrappin again, and pics of that beautiful baby girl! :)