Saturday, March 06, 2010

Spring is almost here.

I cant believe March is here already. Time is flying by. Aubrey is almost 5 months old and getting more curious by the minute. She is rolling around and trying to crawl.... and of course mommy gets big belly laughs out of her in the evenings. Its kinda selfish but I really enjoy the fact that she only laughs like that for me. :) She really is a pleasant baby and only fusses a little.

She is growing like a weed. At her 4 month appointment she was in the 98% for weight at 17.5lbs and the 92% for height at 26"... She is such a big girl. Hopefully she will be tall like me and her daddy. Her hair has thinned a bit since birth, but its still pretty and red.

Spring is coming and I couldnt be more excited! Im looking forward to getting out of this house and into the sunshine. Im ready for walks to the park daily and playing in our yard. (I havent had a yard in 10+ years!) I cant wait to plant flowers out front and hopefully a little vegetable/herb garden out back. I cant wait to have lunch on the patio. By then Aubrey will be on solid foods (we are waiting til 6 months since she is breastfed) and I can pull her high chair outside with me and we can eat. Im sick of the dull gray Ohio winters. I feel trapped inside.

Im scrapping again. It feels really good to be creative. I feel like Im me again. The chaos of the last year is settling into a blur and I feel like the craziness is behind us. I can only scrap when Aubrey naps and I have everything around the house done but Im making sure I make time for it weekly now. Im insisting even if I have to leave the baby upstairs with Matt and crawl downstairs into my scrap cave for an hour. Its good for my sanity.

Here are a few semi-current pictures of Aubrey




Pamela said...

Great page! And cute pictures! :)

Marlene said...

Your baby is ADORABLE!

My ovaries ALMOST hurt.

stuffie said...

very sweet!!!! She is precious!

Tracy said...

Ohh she is so beautiful.
Good for you for taking time out for yourself. Make it a habit.
My daughters are all young adults and I still don't get time for myself. I keep saying I have to be creative every day. Ya right.

stinker said...

great to see you scrapping! (and yeah, it's my sanity definitely need some ME time!) aubrey is just beautiful!!!

Leah Crowe said...

awww she is a breath of fresh air! Love her lil hats. GOOD for you for taking time at least once a week for your sanity!! I've missed your work, so I'm doubly glad to see it again! :)

Susan said...

Sweet Little Pictures there ! I need to smooch on her!

Arlene said...

Sarah, Love the LO. AND OMG....your baby girl is soooo adorable!!!

latte_grande said...

Aaaw, she is such a doll baby!! Love her red hair!
And I agree about needing time for yourself to's necessary for an artist's sanity, for sure!