Sunday, June 20, 2010

Busy weekend!

The last few days have been very busy but (mostly) full of fun!

Thursday we headed over to the Family Fun Fest in a neighboring town. Its basically an average sized carnival with a lot of family activities. We had some fair food, played some Skee ball and enjoyed the carnival atmosphere.

Friday my husband and I went to an officer dinner for one of his clubs. It had been awhile since we were out alone without the baby just the 2 of us. I was worried but Aubrey did great for those 2 hours. She even took a long nap so we stopped for ice cream on the way home.

Saturday we went to see Garrison Keillor (Prairie Home Companion) Live at Blossom with FIL and sMIL. One the way home we stopped to get Aubrey and then headed downtown to the big car show for the fireworks celebration. Aubrey LOVED the fireworks. She wasnt scared at all and starred up into the sky and giggled as they went off.

Today was supposed to be spent on the boat with FIL and then at my brother's with my dad. Unfortunately TEETHING reared its ugly head last night and Aubrey and I were up all night. Id give her tylenol and she'd sleep til it started to wear off and up again. Poor thing was miserable. We ended up staying home and sleeping most of the day today. She seems to be doing better and is currently playing in a cardboard box. (with all the toys she has she prefers the BOX! kids!)
Happy Father's Day!


latte_grande said...

She is SUCH a cutie! Love the pic with the ferris wheel in the background. :)

jeannine said...

Sounds like a super busy weekend with a super cute little girl!!

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