Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Aubrey's birthday party was Sunday. It was a great time. We decided to go with a circus theme instead of Alice in Wonderland due to time constraints (will do Alice next year I think) I do not have any pictures of the decorations yet. I was way to busy to even think of getting my camera out so I am relying on my mom and my photograph wiz brother for pictures. Fingers crossed they took pictures of things other than Aubrey.

Since I dont have pictures of the party yet Im going to share a few of the little home decor items I made for her party. This one it isnt really circus themed but I figured it could be used for her room after the party. Here is what my neice's refer to as the BIG A. 

 Its just a simple paper mache letter that I painted "diva pink" then used Mod Podge to cover it with paper.   Papers are the new Best Creation BELLA line. They are so girly and sparkly.. I kept it pretty simple to showcase the A.

here are a few close up pictures

It was a girly circus we used hot pink, lime green and orange for our color scheme instead of the traditional red, blue and yellow. These papers were perfect.

Stop back tomorrow for the banner I made out of bar coaster using the same papers


Diana Joy said...

I love that green paper and the A is fabulous...my fav colors.

Jenny said...

cute project girlie!