Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was Aubrey's 1st birthday! I seriously cannot believe my baby girl is ONE already.  It makes me both extremely happy and a little sad. She is growing up so fast. My tiny little snuggly girl is now a running, talking toddler. She is her own little person with her own little personality traits and funny quirks. I just love her to pieces.

Her party is this Sunday, but I couldnt resist giving her a teeny birthday celebration anyways. We`had a big special breakfast.We dressed her up in a pretty dress and went outside to play. Then my mom stopped over with a big balloon (that she played with for the rest of the night).

After dinner we decided to give her a cupcake. She will still have her smash cake on Sunday. We dont give her sweets often so I figured it wouldnt hurt to let her have sugar twice this week. We lit the candle and I held the cupcake in front of her and we sang. When we blew the candle out and exclaimed "YAY" (she loves saying yay) and she bust out crying. A major freak out. I had to take her out of her high chair and calm her down before she could eat her cake. I dont know if she was upset we blew the candle out or if something scared her, but she was a hot mess.

5 minutes later she was all over that cupcake

She ate almost the entire cupcake! Of course she had to have a shower immediately afterwards. I cant wait til her party.

Speaking of her party I still I have lots to do! I have to get the cupcake picks and the water bottle labels finished tonight. Ive finished a wall banner, a small banner for her high chair, a 12" altered A for the gift table, 20 party poppers full of candy for kid favors and have the signs 1/2 finished. Fingers crossed I can get everything done by friday night. Saturday is cooking and decorating day. Thanksfully my 4 teenage nieces are coming to help with all that.

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Tyggereye said...

Happy Birthday Aubrey!! It goes by so fast! I can't wait to see pics from her party.