Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Out like trout!

This weeks survivor layout was a doozy! Check out what Lefa had in store for us

They're delicious. A cross between a grapefruit and a tangerine - they're sometimes sour. (aren't we all :) )
Why all the tangelo talk?
It's part of your challenge. See - I work a lot. And get stuck at the office for more lunches than I care to. Whilst peeling a tangelo, in the office lunch room the other day, onto a square of paper towel - I laughed to myself and said ha! Self! This would make a great survivor challenge. lol. 

So make a page --- using the photo above as your inspiration.
--- with lots of orange (the color not the fruit)
--- 3 buttons

--- oranges grow on trees so have a tree or some leaves on your page (stamped, paper,drawing whatever)

But that's not all!

Let's get EVEN Crazier!
I have some crazy friends - who keep me in stitches with their texts and random messages.
Your title - needs to be from a text message, email, or something you remember from a conversation. The crazier the better!

 Love that funky challenge! Here is the layout I created

I made the little tree out of felt and stitched on the leaves. It really is all green... Survivor is a timed thing... you only can get points on it for 1 week. Since I waited til day 6 to upload that doesnt leave much time for points... so I didnt wait for the glue to dry overnight before I scanned. You can see glue in the buttonholes too. I should have used my Helmar 450. It dries faster and its clear. Oh well.... hehe


Sarah said...

What a fun challenge! I love the adorable photo, and your layout is super cute!

Tammy said...

Fun! I love it when scrapbooking idas hit me at the strangst times. Love the idea of finding a title from a text or email. Great idea!

Connie said...

Adorable~fun read!!!