Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sur-vi-va (week 5)

So last week was week 5 of Survivor at Tallyscrapper and Im still going strong.... whoooo hooo!! I cant believe Ive made it this long. Here is the challenge they gave us for week 5

*****This week is an easy week, we have all been working so hard on our challenges.
Since Russell is known for the first season and burning socks you must incorporate SOCKS into your LO.  Either in the TITLE (not the journaling) An embellishment or a PHOTO (not just a person, you must see socks!)************

They other team was assigned HATS..... which I think is way easier...... but they asked for socks.... they got socks.... I stapled one of Aubrey's single baby socks to the page. The other one is LONG gone off in dryer land (or maybe stolen by the Underpants Gnomes gone SOCK.... you never know)! 
Here is my layout

Papers are really old Sassafras (my love love love). They were so pretty and pink and went so well with the photo and the sock so I used them. Plus Im trying my best to rediscover fabulous in my stash. Aubrey was 6 days old in the photo. I cant believe she was ever that teeny tiny. *sigh*

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