Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Im a dumb blonde!

Yes... me! I for some reason had set my blog to only post comments I approve. I didnt know I did that! I was playing around my blog today and I found them.... all the awesome comments you gals have been leaving me the last few months. I always thought nobody loved me! Anyway... if you left me a note and felt ignored... Im so sorry! I can tell it it was quite awesome reading them all tonight in one sitting. I have been having a blah week and you gals totally made me smile!
Thank you XXOO!!


Lovely Cee. said...

ahahahhha!!! you are so cute> you're gasp picture. this is funny. anyhow, i have been able to leave a comment since the day i left i comment> you're okay with me. but still you're funny> i've done the same thing in the past.

Jillian Marie said...

Oh no!! This is the funniest post ever, well I am glad you have solved the mystery! Your blog is super inspiring and entertaining too, I'll be back soon!!!

xo Jillian

Dena said...

You are too cute. Love ya!! (Dena)

Anonymous said...

Back off bitches, I'm her number one fan. xoxo, Sarah. ~jen

Sarah said...

hahahaha! Jen you rock!