Sunday, January 07, 2007

Old pictures

I love pictures from the 70's. I could sit looking at big boxes of pictures all night and be content. I found this one of me in an album that belonged to my great grandmother. I so love my outfit and my adorable little hat. What really rocks my socks is that I still have that little horsie in a box somewhere. I loved it so much I saved it for my kiddos. I cant wait to scrap this pic!

I love this picture too! Me and Butchie (what I called Matthew when we were kids) We loved low ridin on the big wheel. :)Dontcha just dig my argyle vest with matching socks. Ive always been a fashion diva ;)


Lorrie said...

Cute pics. I wish I had old pic of me, but when we were growing up my family couldn't really affoed a lot of pics. Mom has a few, and I should make copies of them soon...thanks for reminding me!

Cammeron said...

Haha, I so dig the argyle!
I love looking at old pictures of myself as well. It's a lot of fun to see how much my girlies look like I did :)

CouldBeAnyone said...

That's so funny... I was just looking through old photos this evening. I have a giant stack to scan for my parents' anniversary book.