Wednesday, January 10, 2007

An Ode to lip balms

I have another addiction besides scrapbooking. I am a lip balm hoe. I cant help myself. I buy tons and tons... all different kinds. I am never anywhere without some sort of lip product.

*My favorite for hurting lips is definately Carmex
*My favorite for sunburned dry lips is Burt's Bees (I love the tingle)
*Body Shop Born Lippys taste mah-velous!
*One cant live without a lipsmacker or 2
*Keihl's is so soothing

I will try any new blam I see! I love having a variety to choose from. I have at least one in every purse, car, coat pocket and room. I hate hate hate it if my lips feel chapped or dry.


Kerry said...

Another Carmex fan here, but just last night I picked up some Blistex, lol. Gotta have one in every bag I own.

EquineSpirit said...

Great post! I totally agree with you about Carmex. It's the best in the winter!

i am jen [with1n] said...

I am a lip balm collector. I have at least 3 with me at all times, and I keep them in every room.(and car )
Carmex is my all time favorite!

Colleen said...

So funny! I'm quite the same in that I have them all over the place and people now give them to me as well because they know! Santa brought me another one!

Beth N said...

This is toooooo funny. My daughter is now 21 and still addicted to limp balms. Always has -- all her life. Her "habit" was so bad that when in elementary school she did a speech on it. Go google chapstick and see what you get. You will be surprised. My daughter found consumers suing various companies stating they have "addicted" ingredients. There was even a 10 step program to stopping "the habit."

sblogspot said...

Gotta love lip balms! My 2 yr old is also addicted.