Thursday, January 31, 2008

Holy Pinched Nerve batman

I have been in pain since Sunday night. I dont know what I did it just hurt. I couldnt turn my head to the left at all. Sleeping was horrid. Anytime Id move Id wake up from the pain. I was actually more comfy sitting in the recliner with my shoulder propped up than in my bed.

Good news is after 2 trips to the chiropractor it feels much better. It still hurts and work tomorrow is not going to be easy, but I think I will survive. I have muscle relaxers but they are EVIL and I hate taking them.

Having the extra time off helped me get my scraproom in order. I bought some new storage and moved some things around (my room is so small) Im almost done with everything but the paper. (and I am a paper whore)

The layout above is my last official ((sob)) layout for Allyscraps. It uses the Fancy Pants holly jolly line. I cant belive my term is over in 2 weeks. It seriously flew by. Allyscraps is such a fantastic store to work for. Im so going to miss it. I'll probably scrap a few more layouts for them (I still have lots of my kit left) but this is my last official one. That makes me sad.

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Leah said...

it is gorgeous! Always sad (usually) when a great run is over. Too bad you can't try out again!