Thursday, January 10, 2008

When it rains, it pours


That is the sound of me screaming to get the stress out. I cant wait til next week when there is nothing going on.

Monday evening after the crazy mess of the pitiful Ohio State game I came home to get my stuff all finished for the wedding. I had just bought 2 strapless bras and was trying them on with my dress to see which would hold my girls in best.

That is when my zipper decided to have a mind of its own. The flimsy little thing pulls away from the dress because the teeth were crooked. Worse I couldnt get the dress off. Then I try to pull off the bustier to see if that would help and it got stuck in my hair. So after 4 minutes of untangling my hair I realize my dress is really stuck. Finally after 10 minutes of fiddling (including my husband getting the pliers out) I get the damned thing off.

Of course there now is the horror that my dress needs a new zipper and I have to leave for the airport in 2 days. So now Im sobbing, panic'd that I cant get it fixed in time. I was supposed to drive it to my brother Tues. afternoon so I didnt have to carry it on the airplane. Now I didnt even have a dress I could wear.

I got up early on Tuesday and proceeded to run around looking for someone ANYONE who can do a new zipper in 2 days. Alot of people just looked at me like I was nuts... and bridal shops wont touch it if you didnt buy it there. (she had us order them online) Finally I found someone who would take it. She didnt have the right zipper. I told her ANY zipper at this point would work. I was out of time

Im supposed to pick it up in an hour. *fingers crossed* it tooks okay. I so want this dress drama to be out of the way!

Onto some happy scrappy stuff. Here is a matching card/layout I made for a crop challenge at AllyScraps. The little guy is my sweet nephew Tyler.


vannasmom said...

so glad you go tit fixed!
And yes the card is for the challege, I think I posted it on there blog correctly! lol
Love the card of your little man..
Hope you had a great time a the wedding , Pictures too!

Greensleeves said...

What a cheerful happy LO!
Glad you found someone to fix your zip.

Christine said...

okay, the fact that you call your boobs "your girls"..i love you. cards are beautiful..I don't know that I can do anything to take away your stress but when you get on that plane..DRINK!

Leah said...

so did the girls fit ok? how's the dress? you must post another update chica!!Gorgeous work, i so love that card!

scrapcat said...

gorgeous layout/card combo!

Jill Deiling said...

awww sorry to hear about your dress :( i hope the lady got it fixed! congrats on getting married! love your lo and card!

lauren said...

OMG: dress drama...holy moly...glad it was *fixable* at least!

btw, that CARD!!!!! YO! it soooooo ROCKS! :)