Thursday, January 24, 2008

The old couple in the theater

The other night we went to see the movie Juno. It was completely adorable and heart warming. I loved it. It was witty, funny and full of charm. My husband claims is a chick flick disguised as a comedy. I think it was nice to see a smart comedy.

I did however go see it at the 7:30 show. Since the schedule I work makes me somewhat nocturnal I rarely go to a show at that time.

The theater was filled with children. Popcorn throwing, joking, commentating, loud talking children. (or me 15 years ago) They made me laugh harder. Except for one part. The part that made me realize I was now old to them.

At one part in the movie Jason Bateman kisses a girl. When this happens every little girl in the theater screams ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. (and someone even yelled "he's old")

Um... hello?? Jason Bateman is seriously CUTE! How do they not see that? Okay he isnt exactly at his hottest in this movie but he is a kissable guy people. and he is MY husbands age. He is so NOT old! Im still not used to him being the dad in Arrested developement (which I really miss)

Im so excited to have today off to play. Queen Kat designs sent us gals at Caardvarks the CUTEST stamps to use for next months Lovefest. I cant wait to ink them all up.

Here are a few layouts I made for challenges over at tallyscrapper.


Sharmaine said...

Oh I looove your pages Sarah!! Love the weekend one!

Nat said...

Love those pages!!!

LOL - I guess we might have been the same when we were this age.

Staci Compher said...

these new pages....are awesome!!

mindakims said...

a> I Love, love, loved that movie
b> I get a day to scrap and play today too! see ya around the tally!

Lori said...

I love your lo's!!!

Kristi said...

I saw Juno a couple of weeks ago and already can't wait for it to come out to DVD. I have to agree with your hubby though, it's a chick flick. Although the dude I went with didn't seem to mind, lol.

On another note, those layouts are super fab. I'll have to add you to my blog to remember to check out your stuff more often!

Jules said...

"Except for one part. The part that made me realize I was now old to them."

OMG I had that moment about a year ago when I realized I was old. :(

I really like your Fri/Sat/Sun page it gave me an idea!

Lisa said...

Love your layouts! Very cute.

I haven't seen Juno yet, but then I usually wait for things to come to DVD and watch them at home anyway.

Roni said...

i've been wanting to see Juno....your like the ump-teenth person to say awesome things about that movie. and i've heard i need to go check out P.S. I love you too.... {forwarn your dh, chick flick!}

those lo's rock!!!

Jolene said...

Jason Bateman's OLD? Dude, I must be ancient! Aack. Your pages are wonderful!

lauren said...

hooooooooo doagie!!! HOW MUCH do i looooove these LO's?! (hint: i love them A LOT!) the style, the funk, the fun...AWWWWWWWESOME, girlie, just awesome! :)