Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Category Stories :)

Category Stories is UP!!

Make sure you check it out. We are giving away a Paper Pixie kit this month.

I chose the category this week and well... I did it as an excuse to make me scrap my crocs. My hideously ugly but oh so comfy crocs. They truly saved my butt in Vegas (we walked at least 10 miles a day) I always swore I would never own a pair. Im a shoe girl and I usually go for style over comfort.... but damn if Im not wearing them to work, to the grocery store, to run errands. Damn.

Anyway... please come and play along with the challenge! Its all about SHOES. Im giving max points to any tally gal that does one and links it to the blog. :)


Brandy said...

i may break down in time for that challenge, maybe i can pull something together in hopes of freebies!

Anonymous said...

Great challenge Sarah

CouldBeAnyone said...

I love the layout. And I hear you about the Crocs. My kids love theirs so much that I finally ended up buying my own. They're insanely ugly but I like them.

Stampin' Meg said...

very pretty LO about some rather homely shoes!

Jenny B in Indy said...

Yep, ugly the SOOO comfy.. I even have ones with fur lining for winter :)