Monday, August 02, 2010

one awesome weekend

The last couple days have been a whirlwind of FUN. Gosh I love summer. We had a beautiful weekend and we made sure to get out there and enjoy it!

Friday night we headed out to an awesome outdoor concert to celebrate my Dad's birthday.Since my SIL Elaine shares his birthdate I drug her out with us as well. 10 adults and 2 babies rocked out to the Eagles cover band on a beautiful starry night full of fair food and cocktails.

Here we are early in the night SIL Elanie (dh's sister) Aubrey, Me  (for some reason nobody told me my boob was hangin out after nursing) and SIL Mindy (my brothers wife) 2 of my alltime favorite girls and awesome mommy's cutting loose for the night. Aubrey loves to boogie and bounced in her stroller and on whomever was holding her all night long.

Saturday Matt got up with Aubrey and let me sleep in. (a-mazing) We spent the afternoon doing yardwork. For dinner we decided to grill chicken sausages and i made my first ever veggie kababs (veggies from farmers market in home made balsalmic vinagrette)

Sunday was spent at the lake getting a bit of sunshine cruising around on the boat. Aubrey LOVED it. She squealed with delight at the water, loved looking at the other boats and played happily with her water bottle for almost an hour.
.....and grandpa (my FIL) even let her drive......
Im a bit crispy, but it was a fabulous time.

Guttergirlz also posted a new challenge this weekend. We have now started to post 2 challenges a month (on the 15th anf the 30th) ! I used the prompt "memories" and looked back on my childhood love for my easy bake oven. Oh how I loved baking brownies with that little light bulb. I still love to bake and Im always experimenting with new delicious treats! I also used the technique (transparency). Hambly oh how I love thee. Papers are from the October Afternoon thrift shop line

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend like I did. Here's there a great week!


Lisa Dorsey said...

Oh looks like a great weekend and you got so much done too! Great layout!

Susan said...

What a ADORABLE picture of Ron and Aubrey!!

I can't wait to see you today!

I love you! Mom

Thoughts2Paper said...

Very sweet Sarah