Monday, August 21, 2006

Artist Trading Cards

I need to find more places to trade ATCs. Sometimes (like tonight) I just get in the mood to make them. I also love looking at my small (but growing) collection.

These are my Alice in Wonderland ATCs. They are a 3 card set using Alice stamps and quotes from the book by Lewis Carrol. The stamps were purchased on ebay from a fabulous seller Tuscan Rose She sells lots of fab collage supplies and artsy stamps. I just love her stuff!

If anyone knows of a good ATC trade site... please tell me in the comments below. You can even do it anonymous :)


Nancyroo said... has a lot of ATC swaps!

Sofia said...

Don't know of any ATC sites, but I think your cards are fabulous!

lisa said...

sarah, seems like i just saw a whole gallery of people's trading cards over at'm sure they're willing to trade