Monday, November 27, 2006

Its been a crazy week!

Thanksgiving, birthdays, playoffs, auction, and my foot.

Ive had lots and lots to do... which means no time for scrapping. Hopefully I'll be able to get something done tonight after the auction.

Somehow I have messed up my foot. I have no idea how... all I know is my 3 biggest toes on my right foot hurt SO BAD I cant walk on them. So Im hobbling all over the place today. Barefooted I can walk on the side of my foot... but shoes hurt! I wish it would go away. Im going to have to work with it like this if it doesnt... and we are in the middle of football playoffs (and my city hosts alot of these games) and I work in a busy sports bar.

Thanksgiving was great. As always I had to go 4 places, but at least I had a good time each place and there was ZERO drama... which is rare! We even got out the Nintendo power pad and had an olympic bout which I lost.

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