Wednesday, November 08, 2006

So its been awhile

Hey! Remember me?

I believe its time to start a bloggin again! Lots have things have happened. Matt started his new job last Monday (hence why I have more time to blog). Im right at the end of my busy time at work too so it was a very good thing. Now Im not worried about Christmas.

I turned 28 last Wednesday. Im not quite sure how I feel being this close to 30. I think I may start telling everyone Im 24. Might as well lose the years while I still can. Although that would make my husband 11 years older... as if he wasnt already robbing the cradle. Im lucky I have pretty good skin. I guess that is what happens when you start using wrinkle cream when you turn 21.

I wish I was half as worried about the size of my ass as I am about the lines around my eyes. Maybe then I could lose the 25lbs I want to lose.

Anyways... just saying hi! I have LOTS of layouts to post! So check back to see!

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