Monday, March 29, 2010

Are you ready for the CUTEness??

You havent seen CUTE until you've seen this.... although I will admit Im a bit biased. My mom took this picture. They were looking at my sista from another mista Mindy (aka my sister in law) so hopefully she has a pic they are looking at. Get ready for BABIES!!
Didnt I tell you they were cute? Left to right we have my nephew Wyatt who will be 2 on April 1st, my darling daughter Aubrey at 5.5 months and my nephew AJ at 10 months. We went to Breakfast with the Easter Bunny on Saturday morning. They also had an egg hunt for the older kids. Our babies were too little to play so we had a photo shoot. My grandfathers wife bought they the adorable matching outfits they are wearing from the Wooden Soldier. I could honestly faint at how cute Aubrey was!

The bad news is I think she is getting sick. She woke up that morning with a little cough and her eye is seeping goo on a regular basis. I have to keep giving her a warm compress to help the blood flow and get the goo out. We are going to the Dr tomorrow. You can see in this picture how puffy her right eye was. It's worse now.

I got to work a little more on my mini album tonight! I posted the cover over at Scrap that Baby because well... that's all I managed to get done before the prompt went live. I hunted through the pics I stole from my mom's computer and realized I didnt have the baby shower pics!! Ohhhh noooo! So I just did the cover.
More pics will come soon! I cant wait to finish it! I didnt think a layout could do my kick ass baby shower justice so I did the mini.

Oh and if you have any baby shower projects (both new and old) to share get your rear over to Scrap that Baby and submit it!! Layouts, minis, cards and all kinds of crafts are accepted. Monday is the last day for the call. You could be our guest designer in June!!


Kristin Summer said...

Umm...I was NOT ready for the cuteness! Those little outfits are adorable, and photo shoots are much more fun than egg hunting anyways ;) Sorry to hear about poor little Aubrey...I hope she feels better soon :( Apparently my little nephew was in the ER today for pneumonia, so him's not doin well either

Leah Crowe said...

awww I hope lil Aubs feels better soon. They all look so adorable in their easter finery.