Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I *heart* deals

Aubrey went to the Dr on Monday to check out her gooey eyeballs. Turns our she caught Daddy's sinus infection and her tear ducts are clogged. I have to give her drops 4 times a day. Have you ever tried to give drops to an infant? Its quite an adventure trying to aim for the whites of her eyes so she doesnt close them. Then we have to play the blinkie blinkie game which makes her laugh but serves to get her eye coated with medicine.

After the Dr we went to lunch and then drove Daddy back to work. While I was waiting for her prescription I stopped by a local thrift store. I got all this for less than $7

I just love books. I want Aubrey to love them too. We read a story almost everyday. She gets very excited and happily smacks the pictures in the books. Its very cute. The VHS tapes were only 50 cents each. I still have a working VCR down in my rec room so I figured why not. She isnt watching tv yet, but i figure they'd come in handy during the toddler years when mommy needs some scrap time.

Of course I wiped EVERYTHING out with Clorox wipes before they went anywhere near my baby. The books look brand new but you never know. I wish I could buy her brand new but that you require me to go back to work. Plus she is an infant.... she doesnt know what NEW is. I figure she'd rather have mommy home to play with her anyways. :)


Jenny Lilac said...

Great finds! We are big Dr. Seuss fans here - Green Eggs and Ham was the first book my daughter ever read on her own!

Tracy said...

I love Cinderella. I remember the book by heart. I read it to my younger sister every night. And my girls loved it too.

EmilyRSPS said...

I love getting kids books at thrift stores. Where the Wild Things are was a great find!


Kristin Summer said...

Oooh what a sweet find! I'm a big book lover too, and I think it's awesome you read to Aubrey every day...Where the Wild Things Are is where it's at ;)

Susan said...

Now I NEED to go thrifting!! GREAT deals. I am super proud of you!

rachel whetzel said...

New is overrated. Period. Just think. You saved MONEY. You reUSED. and you got GREAT stuff! Who cares if someone else had it too?