Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patricks Day!

Ahhh St Patrick's Day.

Truthfully its a day I used to DREAD.

I have nothing against green or St Patrick for that matter..... and I am part Irish and enjoy being kissed. Its the fact that I used to be a bartender than made me dread it. St Patty's is amateur night. It brings everyone out to drink. (a fact that I used to really enjoy before my bartending days) St Patty's usually also meant 12-14 hour shifts ending with green stained hands and a backache from lugging kegs of green beer. It also meant having to cut off the amateurs who always feel like they can keep up with their seasoned drinking buddies andme getting sworn out about 500 times for refusing to contribute to their alcohol poisoning.

I am thankful I am no longer bartending today... despite the fact that I know I could be raking in the money.... and that money could be spent on scrapbook supplies (which I havent had the money to buy in months.....scrapbook supplies that I dont actually NEED just WANT) Actually it has been quite fun using up my old stash. This layout of Aubrey in her bumbo (which I am sharing because of its greeniess) uses several things that have been hiding in el-stasho for at least 2 years. The Urban Lily rubons are probably some of the first rub ons I ever bought.

In other news: Aubrey cut her first tooth on Sunday. Also Friday was the last decent night of sleep I got. Saturday night was awful as she woke up about every hour.... so it didnt surprise me when I felt that the little bump in her gummies was now a sharp little tooth. The lack of sleep has thrown her sleep schedule all to hell and then daylight fraking savings time made me lose an hour. I was finally making progress in her bedtime (which is so late anyways) and now its ridiculous. She is now 3 hours off the schedule I want her to be on.

Le sigh.

Oh and have I mentioned Scrap that Baby?? Its a new inspiration blog about babies! Check it out! Design Team call is going on for a few more days... and the first EVER prompt was posted a few days ago. See if you have something that meets our current call. We will be publishing the 10 best projects!

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latte_grande said...

Beautiful layout, Sarah! I can imagine how horrible St Patty's Day would be for a bartender...I know the place we went last night was packed! Of course, we went out early, so it was packed with geezers (we estimated the average age in the room to be 58), but still! lol
Off to check out the baby site! I don't have any babies currently, but I sure do have lots of pics of babies to scrap. Whew!