Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March Madness

Its insane how much more Im enjoying the March Madness games now that I quit working at the sports bar. Its only taken 8 months, but I think I can actually stomach SportsCenter again. Hooray for quitting the annoying job I got stuck in when I got laid off  years ago. I know the money was good (so good I couldnt make myself leave)... but I was miserable there.... and it showed. Im thankful I have an awesome husband who works his butt off so I can be a stay at home mom for the time being. I do have to sacrifice my shopping (scrap and clothes addictions!) cut back of my love of going to movies and restaurants and work a wicked budget for groceries, but I wouldnt have it any other way. Heck Im even making my own bagels. And yes I own an apron. :)

Im so looking forward to taking the baby down to my rec/scrap room and craft while watching basketball (after the cleaning etc is done of course) I plan on getting everything done tomorrow so Im ready for games come Thursday! Hopefully Aubrey will cooperate and play in her exersaucer. My meal plan for the week is done so I dont have to obsess about dinner. I can just be free to play.

Here is my latest layout of Miss Aubrey.  Sorry for the wonky scan. The homemade flower is made of patterned paper so its a little bulky and cause it not to scan straight. Had it been a design team project I would have photographed it when I did the closeup, but I was just too tired and it was too dark outside.

I love making these flowers! I made several the other day and they are cuuute! So so easy too! I'll get a tutorial up soon!

If you are into tutorials you can check out the one I posted yesterday at Scrap That Baby! about making your own Epoxy embellishments using scraps and stamps. They cost only a few pennies each!


Tyggereye said...

haha Too cute. She's such a little diva. Love the layout.

latte_grande said...

Omg, I just love those sweet baby cheeks! She's just adorable. Great layout and supah sweet flower! Off to check out the epoxy embellie tutorial...I think I've seen you do a similar project tutorial for Tally, but I could use the reminder! :)