Monday, September 13, 2010


Fall is officially here. It seems all the sudden our 90 degree days became 70 degree days. Its time to pack away the swimsuits and drag out the long sleeves.... Labor day weekend was a busy one. We had a 1st birthday party for Matt's cousin's son, a cookout, a bonfire and a football game. Somewhere in the fun we got exposed to the evil cold bug. Aubrey had never been sick and was a major fuss bucket both tuesday and wednesday. Of course there is no rest when you are the mommy. I was up all night with her both nights. Then it hit me HARD on thursday.... ugh!!

Aubrey is feeling much better but has a serious drippy nose. Im feeling a little better thanks to my troop of 4 teenage nieces babysitters that came to play with Aubs last night. I got to hide in my nice finished basement to scrap and nap for 2 hours last night. I REALLY needed it. I never get to be alone. It was nice.

I have decided on a halloween costume for Aubs... Wouldnt she make the perfect Pebbles??

and her cousin Wyatt could be BAM BAM! I will have to get working on her costume soon!

Tell me it wouldnt be perfect?


Liz said...

omg I was pebbles sadly I have no pictures of when I was young but it was so much fun..How cute and can't wait for photos.

dearkatestudios said...

Aww Harper is going to Pebbles! We are all going as the Flintstones family! I better get to work soon though :)