Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The walk!

Sunday was the Cleveland Walk for Autism Speaks. Aubrey and I went to walk in honor of my sweet as punch nephew Wyatt who was diagnosed 6 months ago (around his 2nd birthday)

Our little team of 10 (including babies) managed to raise $3000 for the cause and had a blast walking around downtown Cleveland pushing strollers. It was a chilly, gray Ohio fall morning.....only 55 degrees (it was almost 90 the day before) The wind coming off lake Erie made it even chillier. We bundled up the kiddos so they were nice and toasty and off we went. 

We has 2 members in the over $1000 group so we got to go in the special Grand club tent and ate delicious breakfast burritos and smoothies. Plus they took our team picture! I'll post it when I get a copy :)

Once again I was a little lazy with the camera because my mom had her SLR out snapping away and I knew Id be able to get pictures to scrap from her. I did snap a couple with my iphone

My handsome nephew Wyatt

Sleepy Aubrey hugging George

mmmmm Cookies!! (yes i ate 2 but burned them off walking)

Thank goodness for my hideous old school Crocs! I was very worried about the walk because Im pretty sure I broke my pinky toe on Saturday afternoon. Its still completely purple and swollen. The Crocs are the only shoes (other than flip flips) that fit on my foot without immense PAIN! I couldnt have made it through without them. I knew there was a reason to keep them after I quit bartending!


jeannine said...

Sounds like a beautiful day for a walk and a great cause! your nephew is just super handsome...and so well dressed! I loved dressing my son like that when he was little and now he wants skulls, please!! Ouch, I don't know how you did that walk with a bad toe, that must be painful, hope it gets better quick!!

Diana Joy said...

bummer about the broken toe. Congrats on a successful walk and sounds like it was a fun day. tfs.