Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My little deck of me cards

I started doing the art card project (deck of me) on Emily Falconbridge's blog. I so love this project. I have only done 2 of the cards so far and I really hope to catch up after I finish the projects for the fabulously happy March Eye Candy kit. Here are the 2 cards Ive done so far. I dont know why I didnt scan the back... but I didnt.

Card #1 On the back: What are you proud of? I am proud that I pushed myself to try for things..... design teams, publications etc. I am proud of me for taking it well when I dont make it. I am SO critical of my work and Im so afraid of rejection usually. Im proud that I made the Eye Candy DT because I pushed myself. SR 1/26/07
Card #2 What is powerful to you? On the back: "The greatest thing you'll every learn is just to love and to be loved in return" (Moulin Rouge) SR 1/28/07

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