Wednesday, February 07, 2007

You want some cheese with that wine?

Im sleepy. Ive have been sleepy for days. Im getting enough sleep... yet I'm tired all the time. I need to be awake now!! I have stuff to do! It's hard to get motiovated right now. Its FREEZING. I dont think we've seen 10 degrees this week. The wind chills are in the negatives every night when I leave work. All I want do is climb under my big down comforter (with it's chocolate brown microsuede duvet) and be comfy and cozy.

Tomorrow I have to go to a winery and taste different wines for work. Im kinda excited that I may learn a bit more and find something I really like. I dont really like dry wines. A chianti sends me running in fear. (but hubs loves it) I really dig reislings, zinfendels and other sweeter wines. I love the red table wine from Uncle Primo's resturant. Unfortunately I have to drive 40 minutes to get some. I dont think wine and my establishment exactly go together... but hey... its worth a shot.

I got a package from my pub cupid today!! Ohh do I love chipboard. Kick ass plain jane flourishes and pretty pink heidi swapp alphas!! Thank you pub cupid!! I love it! You are a sweetie!


Andrea said...

Congrats on your goodies! :)

Anonymous said...

Mrs Sarah, just a note to let you note that a great big box is on its way to YOU!
XoXo, CraZY4SaRaH

Cindy Lee said...

oooooh gotta love that chipboard, have fun with your new goodies!

Sarah said...

Yay!! Thanks crazy cupid!! I'll let you know when I recieve it :)

Lovely Cee. said...

now i know who to ask what kind of wine goes well with something> something.