Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Same old same old

Nothing much going on here today. Hubs is home for lunch so were watching Arrested Developement. I so wish they hadnt cancelled that show. I didnt start watching til after it was off the air... and man is it funny!

I got a little present from Nikki G over at Poppy Ink! We did a ribbon button and blossom swap. I so love how she packaged everything! The coolest thing is I didnt have anything she sent me! I cant wait to play with everything. I keep thinking about those big fun buttons (wait that doesnt sound right)....Thanks bunches Nikki!

Have you girls checked out the Got Spirit? blog? If you havent you must. I love the idea of uplifting other scrappers and sending little treats. I love the idea of Happy Mail and have already started gathering little presents for my partner. Its not about spending money... its about brightening someone's day. Go see already!


nicole said...

hey girlie - you are very welcome. i'll do a swap with you anytime! enjoy the goods! =)

Lu said...

oh, thank you for the message on my blog. And I have to say, i love your ribbon and flowers!!

Anonymous said...

Look at those yummies! I'll be sending you some goodies too ;) Have a great day !

Your Secret sis <3

Lovely Cee. said...

wow! look at that goodies.

now, i'm looking forward how the SecretSistah in Eye candy is gonna go.i'm excited.