Monday, July 09, 2007

Check out my romper

Arent I just the cutest things in the funky 80's clothes. Of course my husband said something obscene about my fabulous outfit. Dont worry. I kicked him.

Ive been inspired to journal more..... to get down to the real me. Not as much superficial fluff (but I love fluff) I think journaling is one of me weaknesses. I aim to get better. Cool thing is I got this layout was just accepted to the Basic Grey gallery. TallyLibrarian pushed me to submit and its there. :) I so need to submit more. My goal today is to submit 5 layout to magazine calls. I never submit. You cant get pub'd if you dont try... right?

1 comment:

Nicole said...

girl, i certainly won't make fu nof that romper...i lived in those during summers in the late 70s!!