Saturday, July 21, 2007

Leavin on a jet plane

I leave for the airport in 1 hour!!!!

Im super excited. By 8pm this evening I will be laying on the beach. (actually I think the first stop is that gigantic hot tub after I shave my jungle legs) I have my camera and Im ready to take LOTS of scrappy pictures for all the design team layouts I have to get done when I get back.

I really wish I could have packed some scrappy stuff. I was going to originally when we were driving. Oh well.... at least there is something to be excited about when I get home.

Hopefully I'll be checking in. We sent the laptop down with my Mom (they drove down thursday) so here's hoping for WiFi.

PEACE.... Im outta here :)


Silvitanova said...

Have a great vacation. I love Florida! ( I've visited Daytona Beach and Miami, last oktober)
Have fun!

lauren said...

hey girlie! hope you're having and grand time--and that it has STOPPED raining! can't wait to see the pics!!! xolb :)