Friday, July 20, 2007

Grand reopening and Florida here I come

My work officially opened on Monday to a gigantic crowd. It was such a blast seeing everyone and of course making some money. I worked a split on Monday... (2) 7 hour shifts. Then Tuesday I fell on my booty and hurt my back. It was comical. I went sliding thru the back and then landed on my butt and my coke flew up in the air and landed right on my crotch. Good thing Im in black pants and only had about an hour left on my shift. I was completely soaked in beer and coca cola and had lettuce in my hair. HA! I wish I could see it on the security cams... I bet it's hysterical.

I worked the last 2 days in agony on pain meds to make it thru.... my back is seriously messed up. But the good news is tomorrow we leave for FLORIDA!! Im sure sitting in the hot tub and running around on the beach will do wonders for my back. If not I have a dr's appt. when I get back. (they couldnt get me in before I left)

Have you gals seen the gallery us gals at Caardvarks made for The Embellishment Studio? If you havent you need to go take a look. Especially if you love vintage lace and ribbons. Its card-a-licious. Check it out.

This card is one of the six that I made. I so wish I had time to make more. I know I will be using every scrap of that ribbon its so lovely. Thanks to Susan again for sending it my way.


Kara said...

Great card. I must know where you go the dress form!

lauren said...

omg, i'm just catching up on blogs--did NOT know about your back, but i sure do sympathize!!! hope you are doing ok in FL--take care of yourself and leave the slip-n-slide to the kiddies from now on!!! :) (YOUCH!) :(

My World * My Art * My Life said...

I love this card!

Melissa M. M. McCarthy said...

Stunningly beautiful. Your work is so inspiring. I adore the dress maker's Judy and of course all things vintage. Wicked colour combo! :0) Mel