Friday, July 06, 2007

oooo oooo Witch-ay woman

I seriously LOVE to dress up. I never do it anymore. Not since college. My birthday is the day after Halloween so I always had costume parties. This picture was taken last Halloween... but the only reason I dressed up was because I had to for work. It wasnt even a great costume... but I did have my hair streaked green and black and had these enormous glittery eyelashes. Boy is was fun trying to work with those on.

I also put those plastic spiders all thru my hair. I found one I had left and I inked it and used it on the page. The webby look at the bottom was made with cottom balls and a gluestick. (now my stick is fuzzy :p) I doodled the little spideys and webs at the top. This isnt one of my best layouts, but I really love it :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh this layout makes me want to dress-up. Sorry it was just for work because you should've been going some place REAL fun!