Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Drive ins and lucky 7s

This past weekend my husband and I ventured out to the drive in movies. It was a blast! We were in the comfort of our car, cuddled up and watching 2 movies for only $5 a person! Of course the drive in movies arent that of the old days. It definately is no beauty contest... it was funny to see so many people out in their colorful pj pants and pony tails hearding little angels to the bathrooms. I dont go to the drive in my my jammies, but I did go comfy in my terry tracksuit.

I think it would have been cool to get dressed up and go to the drive in with your sweetie like they did in Grease. To have it be a date place... not just the place to see things cheaply.

Soon I wont have to be as worried about saving the $$I start back at work next weekend. Im excited to have the money! I seriously need highlights and Id love some new pretty things. I should be caught up within 2 weeks of getting back for vacation. That makes me SO happy

I am gonna miss the extra scrap time. Its allowed to to do cool challenges and to do the 10k at Caardvarks. We had a 7s challenge at tallyscrapper this past weekend in honor of 07/07/07 and immediately thought of my little tag from last week. I rarely do a layout without a photo so this was a fun one for me to try. I just love vintage with bright colors.


Katrina said...

good times at the drive in! we have one just down the street...it always amazes me to see just how many cars are lined up there on a Sat night.

Michelle said...

I've yet to experience a drive-in movie.. hopefully one day! :D Sounds fun!

I LOVE this layout of yours! Saw it in the gallery and put it straight into my faves!

Nicole said...

we go to the drive-in ALL the time in the summer!! just something fun about the whole deal...and while we don't wear our jammies, our daughter does =)

Lisa said...

I'm diggin that layout! Very cool!

Colleen said...

I love the drive in though we haven't been since the new one went in here last year. Have to go again!!

Love your layout too!

Vee said...

drive-in sounds like so much fun!!
love your lo, tags are good for something :) :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE it!