Sunday, April 11, 2010

Birthday Treats for my sweet guy Wy

Today is my nephew Wyatt's birthday party. Since we are on a budget and he has WAY too many toys anyways I decided to make him a little kit to take on car rides or when he flys to FL to see his grandma. I added a personalized sketch book, homemade shaped crayons, goldfish crackers, fruit snacks and animal cookies.

Here is his gift bag. I cut a piece of cardstock to 4x5 and then drew and colored the scalloped border. The big number 2 is a sticker by making memories from the depths of my stash. I secured the label in place with double sided tape.

His altered sketch book came from the target dollar spot. Its basically a spiral board book with blank pages and a 3x3 window.... I drew and colored the stars the added alphabet tape and a strip of patterned paper. I put a card in the window with his name and a label inside telling him how much aunti sarah loves him and to enjoy coloring.

**A close up of his package of homemade swirly crayons**

**A picture of some of his snacks. I used a 2x4 inch piece of paper and drew the label to match the rest of the kit I taped the to the packages with clear magic tape**


Susan said...

Your are so creative Sarah! I LOVE the way everything turned out!

Kristin Summer said...

What an awesome idea....I can't believe you actually made those crayons....I give you mad props girl!

Leah Crowe said...

You are the bestest Auntie.. love how you decorated his items!

Inkster said...

GORGEOUS crayons!