Saturday, April 03, 2010

Holy Peeps!

 Holy peeps Easter is almost here! I cant believe how quickly time is going. My baby girl with be 6 months old in about a week. It's hard to fathom that she has been here that long already. It's also hard to fathom my life without her.

I threw my back out this morning. Dont ask me how. I think it happened when I was sleeping. All I know if I cant stand up straight without dying. I havent had back problems like this in over a year.... and the pain pills Im actually allowed to take while breastfeeding just arent cutting it. Plus its hard to lug around a 19lb baby when you cant walk without looking like a caveman.

I spent most of the evening on my couch with the baby next to me playing. Since I was bored I started looking at Easter crafts and fun things I can create..... and then I found the PEEP crafts!! Check out these seriously COOL peepie sites!

 Peep Show contests----- seriously cool!
How to make Peepshi = sushi peeps
Kick ass Peep Dioramas
Peep science experiments
Peep pie recipe
Peep tours
Peep hut's peep recipes
Kid'scraft: peep neaklaces

I swear I found everything from peep crafts to peep surgery. It really made me want some peeps. I know I will probably get some Sunday. My mommy still makes me an Easter basket...... YES I said it Im 31 yrs old and I get an Easter basket!!

I only ever eat STALE peeps so it will be several days before I can dig in to the marshmellowy goodness.  mmmmmmmmm.

and now...... a few layouts


Kyky said...

Hi! I came here from your link on 2peas! "baby aubrey vs the rings" is AWESOMe!!

Marcie said...

Love your layouts & Aubrey is toooo cute!

Tracy said...

Your layouts are beautiful.
I too like my peeps a bit stale.

Meredith Taylor said...

love those layouts. the pics of aubrey are so sweet!

Danielle said...

oh my gosh, those are great links. i seriously laughed at the roller peeps and the i peep nano. lol thanks for the smiles! XO