Friday, April 16, 2010

I *heart* the library and STB!

 I posted the NEW Scrap that Baby prompt yesterday! You must stop by and check out what my awesome design team did with it! It's all about the baby's NAME! Here is my design team creation.....

Guttergirlz also posted its super special secret prompt today. I wasnt able to do this prompt but it is SUPER awesome! Stop by and check it out!

Today I stopped by the library. I used to love to go to the library. There was just something about the millions of books and all the things I could learn and discover. As a kid it was a cool place to explore and get new books. In middle school it was a place to go make out with your boyfriend. In high school I would sit with stacks of books for research papers. (that was before you could get unlimited research on the internet) ..... And of course in college I used to go hide among the stacks and study. (I went to Penn State and we had one of the largest depository libraries around)

Lately the only thing Ive done at the library is vote. I didnt even have a library card to the one closest to my house and Ive lived in this area for 5 years.  How sad is that?

So after Aubrey's Dr's appt today (6 month shots) I decided to take her downtown and explore the library. Our local library isnt very large but we still found lots of interesting books to check out. We came home with 8. A couple Amelia Bedelias and Curious Georges for Miss Aubrey, A Jamie Oliver cookbook, a book on organizing and Harry Potter for Mommy. I wanted the first Sookie Stackhouse book (since Im addicted to True Blood) but it was already checked out.

All in all it was a good trip despite the fact that Aubrey decided it was time to talk and babble delightfully at all the cool things to see in the middle of the reading room. A fact that nobody but her mommy found delightful, so we had to excuse ourselves and go hide out in reference (where nobody was studying)

I also got to scrap with my mom this week. Here is 1 of the layouts I managed to finish

Happy Friday all!!


Carla said...

I love the library! Can't believe they made you leave cause the baby was babbling. ! I've heard lots about the Sookie books -- maybe I should check it out!

LOVE your layouts! Cute pic of Audrey!

latte_grande said...

Beautiful layouts, girl! We looove the library, but right now I'm mad at them because they haven't called me yet about the book I put on reserve almost a month ago! *huff*

Inkster said...

OOOH i loveeee your layouts:) I love aubrey's stylin hair bows!!