Friday, April 09, 2010

Cute shaped crayons tutorial

I saw a tutorial a year or 2 ago (i couldnt tell you where) on making NEW shaped crayons from bits of broken crayons and silicone baking pans. Its completely genius and completely easy.

Here is a picture of my first batch. Batch 2 is in the oven

To make this cool shaped crayons you need...

*silicone baking molds. (I used the Wilton Petite Silicone 12 Cavity Heart Pan )
*a cookie sheet
*broken crayons (with NO paper on them)

1. Preheat oven to 200 F
2. Break crayons and peel off paper. If its a whole crayon break it in 4 pieces.
3. Toss broken crayons in the heart mold. (I used about the equivalent of 2 crayons per mold) I like swirly crayons so I used 4 different colors for each crayon.

4. Place silicone mold on a cookie sheet
5. Bake until wax is melted. It took about 15-20 minutes for mine to melt. Larger pieces of crayon will take longer to melt... as will larger crayons. Dont be afraid to fill the cups up further if you want really chunky crayons. Mine are for my 2 year old nephew so I wanted a crayon that would fit better in a smaller hand. (and yes he knows not to eat them... lol)

I plan on packaging them in a little bag with a topper that says Wyatt's crayons and buying him a few coloring books to go with them. Im making star crayons next!


Susan said...

How adorable..Wyatt will love them...Mommy does too!

Laurajean said...

OMG girl...I LOVE these, I'm so gonna have to try this, what AWESOME embellies :)

Michelle said...

super awesome idea Sarah!!gonna give it a try think my boys would love to mix themselves!

{raisingAlexis} said...

these are so cute! I have one of those heart molds ... I need to make some of these!

thanks for the genius idea!

{raisingAlexis} said...

Sarah, how long did you let them cool before you popped them out of the mold?

latte_grande said...

Omg, I'm drowning in the cuteness!! Gotta get a mold the next time I'm at the store!