Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday was my 4th wedding anniversary! In honor of that Ive posted one of my favorite wedding layouts. Yes I cut that die cut paper. Im a bit of a rebel sometimes like that... lol. Since I do mainly 8.5x11 I wanted it to fit into my page protectors with the rest of the wedding layouts. I sprayed the whole thing with glimmer mist. Its so pretty and shiny. This is making me want to pull more wedding photos out and scrap them.

My anniversary didnt go as expected. My poor husband is so overworked right now. He has a lot going on. He is leaving for a week on business on sunday for job #1 and is trying to get organized job #2 to be without him since his partner is out sick. That and there is a BIG event for job #2 on Saturday is has to get ready for. 

Flashback to monday (maybe tuesday) 
Me: hey since we dont have the money to go out to eat this about I make Carmela's (my mock macaroni grill recipe) for dinner on thursday ... ohh and we can open up that bottle of wine Ive been saving. I'll pump a bottle for Aubrey.
him: sure you dont want to save the wine for when we are in Columbus? We could drink it sunday?
Me: but you have seminars every morning... you dont wanna be hungover. Wouldnt it be perfect if we drank it thursday?
him: sure honey whatever you want :)

So he comes home for lunch without one mention of our anniversary. We talked for about a 1/2 hour trying to get details ironed out to try to take the baby out of town. (he wants us to go with him on his business trip)

Later he comes home from work and is wandering around ranting about this and that. Its already almost 6pm and he hasnt mentioned our anniversary once. At that point I knew he didnt remember.... but I didnt hold it against him. He never ever forgets anything like this (he always does good with birthdays/anniversaries and such... and we had discussed no presents) and I know his brain is mush from work at the moment. Im actually about to giggle at him ranting and not remembering.

So I looked at him mid rant..... and said HONEY.... he stopped and looked at me. "Happy Anniversary!" He looks at me dumbfounded and blurts out and I got a speeding ticket today in the government car. He went and got in the shower while I laughed my ass off.

When he got out of the shower he decided to whisk me off to one of our favorite steakhouses for dinner. We took the baby with us and had a grand time letting her have her first meal out (of course I had brought her applesauce with me)and the food was awesome. On our way there I did ask him about our convo on Monday about me making a special dinner and having the wine..... and how did he not know what I was talking about and we had a good laugh at his expense. He thought I was just excited to go out of town. LOL

**I will be doing the drawing for the MM prize later today. Sorry Im a day late!**


Susan said...

Loved the story..made my laugh..I am so glad you had a wonderful anniversary.XO

Hanna Mae said...

hahahahaha too funny! sorry he got a speeding ticket, but your story is definitely a visual! Happy Anniversary to you both!